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6.000 sq.m. factory, area of 18.000 sq.m., a 30 Km far from Bologna, 110 employees.

Silikoneurope s.r.l. is a leader company in the design and construction of moulds and in the production of technical articles printed in liquid  and solid silicone rubber (LSR and HTV) for different sectors.

In August 1998 Silikoneurope became a member of IVG Colbachini Group S.p.a. based in Padua, a world leader for the construction of rubber tubes for low and medium pressures.

The constant and careful market surveys, the study of new technologies, the qualified human resources and the quality constantly pursued, allow Silikoneurope s.r.l. to obtain the best results in the trasformation of liquid  and solid silicone rubber. Thanks to the technology and the consolidate experience, the company started to realize highly technical molded particulars in which are exalted the synerigies among silicone, rubber, thermoplastics and metal.

Besides the expertise related to the gas-assisted injection moulding and the optimization of the productive process for high production volumes,Silikoneurope distinguishes itself for the internal design and realization of the moulds.

An entire division is dedicated to this activity and, starting from the analysis of the customer’s project, it studies, designs and realizes in the internal establishment the mould, perfectly functional and coherent to the customer’s need in terms of costs, quality and timing

In particular, the possibility to count on the internal development of the mould, from the project to the realization, allow Silikoneurope to be particularly reactive to satisfy  the prototyping and standard production lines.

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