Privacy Policy

Silikoneurope S.r.l. acknowledges the importance of the protection of personal data, commits to respecting the privacy of users, to treating personal data with caution and confidentiality and to not using such data for purposes other than those specified below.

To this end, this policy describes the site management methods with reference to the processing of personal data of the users who visit it.

This privacy information policy is provided, also pursuant to Article 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016, to those who interact with the Silikoneurope S.r.l. web services published at

This Policy may be modified or updated at any time by Silikoneurope S.r.l.

This Policy applies only to this site and not to other websites that may be reached by the user through links except for the aforementioned ones.

Data Controller

The Data Controller is: Silikoneurope S.r.l., Via Savena 13, 40050 LOIANO (Bologna), Italy; hereinafter also “SILIKONEUROPE”.

Processing data and purposes

SILIKONEUROPE informs site users that the data collected will be used exclusively for the purposes specified below. The data submitted to processing are the navigation data and data voluntarily supplied by the user.

  1. Navigation data

The computer systems used to operate the website acquire some data necessary for the operation of the platform and information the transmission of which is implicit in the protocols used for logging and internet browsing.

Some information relating to the browser session and general data relating to the device used by the user are also acquired. All data are acquired anonymously and are in any case not traceable to a specific user or for profiling purposes.

  1. Data supplied voluntarily by the user

To access certain services on the website (contact form, product information, personal applications), the user spontaneously submits to SILIKONEUROPE different types of data after having read this policy and possibly expressed his or her consent to data processing for one or more of the intended purposes listed below.

SILIKONEUROPE will use the data collected for:

  1. purposes related to the use of the services offered by the site (site navigation);
  2. activities strictly connected and instrumental to the management of customer relations and relations with potential partners (contact requests and product information);
  3. processing curriculum data for job application evaluation purposes.

The submission of data for the purposes referred to in letter c) is optional and must be done in the ways expressly provided for by Article 7 of the GDPR directly from the website.

Unless otherwise agreed, SILIKONEUROPE may continue to send to its customers commercial information relating to services similar to those that they are already using.

Processing methods

Data processing will be carried out in accordance with Art. 4 n. 2) of the GDPR, by means of the following operations: collection, recording, organisation, reference, processing, adjustment, selection, extraction, comparison, utilisation, interconnection, freezing, communication, deleting and destruction of data.

The data will be processed both in paper form and electronic and/or automated forms.

Starting from the time of their receipt/updating, the data will be kept for a reasonable period of time according to the processing purposes indicated above. For more information on the data storage terms, please write to

Data communication and transfer

The data to be submitted to processing will not be disclosed; however, for the purposes indicated in this statement, they may be communicated to third parties, including commercial partners, consultants and freelancers, banks and credit institutions, insurance companies, financial companies, factoring, leasing, services, credit management and collection companies, auditors, debt collection companies, public organisms, auditing or supervisory organisms, to comply with legal obligations, regulations, community regulations or aspects concerning the management and implementation of the legal relationship existing or previously existing with you.

The data will be processed by the following entities:

  • Company employees who act in their capacity as persons authorised to process data according to their assigned tasks and adequately trained to do so.
  • External operators pursuant to Article 28 GDPR.

The list of data processors is available at the registered office of SILIKONEUROPE.

For all the purposes stated in this policy the data may also be communicated abroad, within and outside the European Union, in compliance with the rights and guarantees provided for by the applicable current legislation, subject to verification that the country in question guarantees an “adequate” level of protection pursuant to the provisions of the GDPR.

Rights of the data subject

Note that the data subjects may, at any time, request:

  1. access to personal data;
  2. correction of data found inaccurate;
  3. data deleting;
  4. limitation of data processing;
  5. the enforcement of the right to object to the processing of data where the required conditions are met;
  6. the enforcement of the right to data portability, i.e. to receive submitted personal data in a commonly used, structured format readable by an automatic device.

For anything not expressly mentioned in the above-mentioned provisions, please refer to the complete wording of the legislation in force on the subject of personal data protection and specifically to articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 and 21 of the GDPR.

Withdrawal of consent

Consent may be revoked, at any time, without this however:

  • affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on consent given before the withdrawal;
  • affecting further processing of the same data on other legal bases such as contractual or legal obligations.

For more information on this data protection policy or on any privacy issue, or if you wish to exercise the above mentioned rights or withdraw your consent, please write to



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 Inoltre Silikoneurope S.r.l. riconosce l’importanza della protezione dei dati personali e si impegna a rispettare la privacy degli utilizzatori e a trattare i dati privati con cautela e riservatezza. A tal fine, se vuoi saperne di più sulle modalità di gestione del sito in riferimento al trattamento dei dati personali degli utenti che lo consultano, leggi la nostra Privacy Policy


Furthermore Silikoneurope S.r.l. recognizes the importance of personal data protection and is committed to respecting users’ privacy and to processing private data with caution and confidentiality. To this end, if you want to know more about how to manage the site in relation to the processing of personal data of users who consult it, read our Privacy Policy


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