Our R&D team will examine your ideas and your proposal in every applications and will provide
the appropriate solutions for your needs.

Thanks to the qualified expertise and technical experience of the Research & Development department, Silikoneurope can develop and manufacture whatever type of moulds to produce LSR articles for all possible applications in automotive, medical/pharmaceutical/veterinary, household appliance, alimentary, lighting fields.

The activities of analysis, research and development of the required component could be made in teamwork with the customer. Every step of the project is verified and tested:  going through the Prototyping phase, each product reaches a process-optimised Mass Production which respects the deadline required by the customer.

Processing LSR by using appropriate structures, permits us to make the most of its chemical, physical and mechanical properties, and to obtain geometrically complex products even in critical conditions of temperature, electrical and mechanical stress.

Moreover, through the rapid prototyping techniques for moulds construction and for the filling simulation during moulding phase, Silikoneurope can easily develop new and flexible projects


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