• 1976

    UBALIT was founded and became a leader company in the construction and commercialization of moulds and production of thermoplastic products.

  • 1980’s

    It began the production of components in LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber) by using the platinum-cured silicone and the technology of injection moulding.

  • 1995

    After the acquisition of Ubalit S.p.A., SilikoneuropeS.r.l. was founded.

  • 1998

    Since 1998 SilikoneuropeS.r.l. became a member of IVG Colbachini Group(IndustriaVenetaGomma), based in Padua. This group is a world-leader for the flexible tubes used in all the industrial applications.

  • 2002

    To satisfy customers’ needs, which became more and more complex, Silikoneurope started to focus on the production of components made exclusively in liquid silicone.

  • 2006

    To meet the demand of components in medical and pharmaceutical fields it was realized a clean room Class ISO 7, used for the production at controlled atmosphere.

  • 2012

    Conscious of the growing importance of design and internal production of the moulds, Silikoneurope acquired an important shareholding of OfficinaMeccanicaMarchetti.

  • 2013

    Silikoneurope, following the development of important customers in the automotive field, expanded in South America with a new productive plant near Saõ Paulo in Brazil: Silikonbrasil. Silikonbrasil LTDA Av. Juvenal Arantes 2500, Galpão N.9 Medeiros, Jundiai CEP 13.212-354 – SÃO Paulo, 3.000 sq.m. factory , 60 Km from Saõ Paulo, 18 employees.

  • 2017

    Silikoneurope, thanks to the growth of the revenue and the acquisition of new orders and projects, started a new enlargement project of the productive sector to increase the production capacity and diversify the technology of materials. This enlargement is accompanied by an increase of the staff in the production, research and development, trade and marketing areas and in the realization of new departments and offices, to guarantee an organic development of the organization.