Video Medical sector

Silikoneurope lands on Youtube.

From now on we will show you a part of our work and experience in the production of articles injected in silicone (LSR-HTV).

The first video is dedicated to medical sector, a core sector for our business. Silikoneurope has a clean room class ISO 8 with 7 injection moulding machines that print silicone articles also for veterinarian and pharmaceutical fields.

Production inside the clean room follows strictly the hygienic regulations and protocols and even the raw material guarantees the physiological compatibility of the components.

In 2023 Silikoneurope has also obtained the Quality Certification IFS HPC for the production of menstrual cups. These appliances are appreciated by women, that frequently decide to use menstrual cups as an alternative to tampons or pads.

Menstrual cups are more eco-friendly and moreover can be useful to fight the period poverty, the lack of access to hygienic products during period, as they are cheaper and durable, characteristics guaranteed by the medical silicone used in the production. It is estimated that a single menstrual cup can be used for 4/5 years.

For every request related to medical sector, contact us. Our Business team will be available to discuss eventual projects with you.

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