Silikoneurope supports Bologna Montana Bike Area (BOM.BA)

Bologna Montana Bike Area (BOM.BA) is an association that has the aim to promote the tourism in the villages of Loiano, Monghidoro, Monzuno and San Benedetto Val di Sambro, with the creation of a mountain bike trail area.

Since 2020 the volunteers of the association are devoting their energies in the maintenance and securing of trails that are suitable for all levels of experience and they also organize events that have a wide participation of public.

In 2022 it has been created “ALL IN”, the first trail accessible also to hand bikes and tandems. This is a part of the project “ALL IN-CLUSIVE”, in cooperation with the Sport Foundation “Silvia Parente” that has the target the creation of a net of accessible trails that can be ridden even by people with motor disabilities.

Silikoneurope believes in this project. We believe that promoting our territory is fundamental and these kind of activities are very innovative and useful.

For this reason, we decided to help BOM.BA during the event that will be of 10th and 11th June on Alpe in Monghidoro (BO). During this weekend will take place the 2nd edition of “ALL IN-CLUSIVE” with the inaguration of a new accessible trail and it will be possible to watch the italian stage of WES (World E-bike Series).

We are waiting for you!

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