Quality Certification IFS HPC

Silikoneurope has obtained the Quality Certification IFS HPC for the production of menstrual cups.
This Certification confirms that our products have a high Quality standard level and it will be very important for the enlargement of the personal care market.
We started to produce menstrual cups since a couple of years inside our clean room Class ISO 8 and all our staff is trained to follow meticulously hygienic regulations and protocols.

A lot of women started to use menstrual cups in the last years and not only for sustainability. It has been proved that the use of menstrual cups increases the physical and psychological wellbeing during period and it has also an economic impact due to the monthly reduction in the purchase of tampons.

To discover all the advantages related to the use of menstrual cups read the article published by The Lancet, one of the most important medical journal.

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