Silicone for aerospace sector

Automotive and aerospace sectors walk together since a lot of years. Historical car manufacturers were born during World Wars for the production of aircrafts and they continue to be interested to the air traffic developing innovative technologies. 

This bond between automotive and aircraft is becoming so tight that the big auto producers started opening divisions for Air Mobility dealing with projects that can seem futuristic but, actually, they are concrete. An example? eVtols! Little aeroplanes that use electric energy for vertical takeoff and landing.  

Even studies and set up of composite materials as carbon fiber, light and more aerodynamic, has reached a good point and, in the last year the attention of all the producers focused on sustainability, even if, for aerospace, the challenge is more complex.

Silikoneurope always keeps up with the times and overmoulds Liquid Silicone on carbon fiber, a new solution that guarantees quality, efficiency and innovation to our customers.

Our sales and R&D departments are approaching aerospace and aeronautical sectors, studying new projects and finding modern and pioneering solutions.

If automotive, our core sector, is always more connected to aerospace, we can see interesting perspectives for our future….


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